Mi Amor

Agarwood (OUDH), aloeswood or Gharwood is a fragrant dark resinous wood used in incense, perfume.

Mi Lama

Cedrus deodara, the deodarcedar, Himalayan cedar, is a species of cedar native to the Himalayas in India 

Mi Divina

Magnolia champaca, known in English as champak, is a large evergreen tree in the Magnoliaceae family

What we do

Deodra Naturals..."The Real Traditional Aroma"

Nature gifted Deodra Naturals incense has the ingredients sourced only from nature. This spreads exhilaration and even elevates the spirituality in one’s mind. Its aroma is extremely refreshing and revitalizing. The handcrafted Incense sticks are exclusively made for our customers...
The fascinating products of Deodra have the richness of amazing therapeutic benefits and give a soothing and calming effect on one's mind. It is entirely bounded from nature and absolutely safe to use. 
Feel Deodra's heavenly fragrance with all the trust...

Insight Igniting Incense


Deodra incense lights is a new venture in the field of a thousand similar ones, but with an uncommon standard of its own, which foregrounded its specificity.
Why incense sticks do not perform as expected, is a question which initially crafted a standard for Deodra Lights.
The reason why, as well as a solution for it, gets statemented within our standard as to the extent of using only natural ingredients for our products.
The exclusiveness of Deodra Naturals‘ products, better says, its virtue is undoubtedly the concept which begets its mode of production.


In a world where we use the word ‘natural’, without having any sentiments, neither to the word nor to what it stands for, Deodra Naturals endearingly introduce ‘Incense Lights’, which virtually embracing the quintessence of the word natural with that much proud and traditionality. ‘Incense Lights’ is being produced without disturbing nothing in our natural organisms. So to say created with the consent of nature. Nature is supplying its blessings unpremeditated to the extent befitting its benefactors- the Man. ‘Deodra naturals’, is a passion rather than a company. Its first produce ‘Incense Lights’ is not a product but an artifice, for it is a re-creation of the very blessings of nature. We disturb nothing natural in nature, rather we collect what nature gives, recycle it to produce ‘Incense Lights’, for it is made to soothe, inspire and perfume our habitat, mental or spiritual. ‘Incense Lights’ is a 100% natural product, without using charcoal in any of its forms. Rather we use organic cow dung, collected exclusively from ‘Vechur cows’ a specific species among its own, known for its natural grandeur. ‘Deodra naturals’ nurture specifically three exclusive aromas under’ Incense Lights’, sourced directly from nature.